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What to Do in Different Lockout Situations

Locksmith Tucker  Transponder Keys MadeWhat is one thing that wasn’t on your agenda for the day, but ended up happening anyway? Without warning, one can become locked out of their property. The thought of a lockout is enough to stress anyone out, but we are here to tell you that if you become locked out here in Tucker, GA, you have options. A lock can fall apart to the point that it no longer works, which would leave you unable to get into your property. More often, the case is that a person forgot their key somewhere. In some cases, one can get locked out of their car by manually locking the door from the inside and mistakenly shutting the door before making sure their key was in their hand. If you are locked out, you have options, though. Here, we are going to go over what to do in different lockout situations. 

First, determine why the lockout happened. Did it happen because your child shut the door behind you, so you do have a key, but it’s just inside? Are you locked out of your vehicle but your key is sitting on the driver’s seat? Are you locked out of the office because an employee disappeared with your key? There are so many reasons for a lockout, but once you have established why it happened, you can figure out the best course of action. 

If someone stole your key, obviously you will want to report this. If you are in an unsafe situation, you will want to call the police so they can wait with you or figure out a way to assist you. Lockouts can be frightening, especially if they happen in a parking lot or late at night when it is dark outside. The good news is that you can call our locksmiths 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you out. We don’t only offer assistance during standard business operating hours, as we know that issues like lockouts can happen at any time. Rest assured, we will be there for our customers. If you aren’t in this area, then you should do an online search for the closest locksmith to you. Just make sure that person is licensed and insured, because you are going to want to be able to trust the person who comes to you. Now, let’s get a bit specific…

Automotive Lockout - What to Do

Locked out of your car? Experiencing an automotive lockout is not fun, as you likely were on your way to or from somewhere, and you have other things to do. Now, if you have a child or pet or any other person trapped in the vehicle, of course more urgent action might need to be taken. Be cautious when the temperatures skyrocket and bear in mind that the temperature inside of your car can heat up incredibly fast on a hot day. If no one is trapped in your vehicle and you can afford to hang tight for a bit, be sure to call a locksmith. They will be able to unlock your door for you. This can prevent you from having to damage the vehicle to get in. For instance, some break a window when there really is not an urgent need to do this. If you are parked somewhere that you don’t necessarily feel safe, try to walk over to a brightly lit area. If there is a business you can wait inside, this might be your best option. If this is not an option, you can always call the police to have someone wait with you. Put you safety first.

What to Do If You Are Locked Out of Your House 

If you can’t get into your home, take a deep breath. This happens to the best of us. Think about if you have a spare copy of your key somewhere – some people keep them under an outside object, others have one under a mat, some keep a spare house key in their car, and some make sure their neighbor has a spare copy. If you are totally out of luck then call a locksmith. As mentioned in the section on auto lockouts, put your safety first and make sure to have someone wait with you if you are uncomfortable. If you can wait in your car, this might be the best idea. Or perhaps you can wait inside a neighbor’s home who you trust. Rest assured, locksmiths operate with a sense of urgency when they offer 24/7 service, and should be able to get to you fast.  

What to Do When Locked Out of Your Business

If you own a commercial property, avoid damaging your property if you are locked out, as you are the one who will have to foot the bill. Just take a deep breath and call a locksmith. Things happen and sometimes they can delay you just a little bit for the day, but with a locksmith’s help, you should be able to get back inside in no time. 

Remember, Call An Expert!

If there is any kind of danger involved in your situation, for instance, if you are locked out of your vehicle in a parking lot you don’t feel comfortable in, be sure to call the police so someone can wait with you or go inside a place that is brightly lit. If you are not in any danger, try to relax and trust that an expert will arrive to your location fast. Now, if you are not in our service area so you don’t have the option of calling us, look up licensed and insured locksmiths in your location. Make sure that the person who arrives to your location does carry insurance, in the event that anything does go wrong when they are getting you back inside. Things happen, so it is important to be prepared. And next time, make sure you have a copy of your key, whether it is in your purse, your vehicle or with a neighbor or trusted friend. 

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